Born with the gift of gab, raised with an overdeveloped self esteem, Andy Ellwood has built a career around both the art and the science of hustle.

A native of Dallas, TX, Andy studied Finance at Texas A&M University. After achieving national recognition for his early career work selling life insurance, Andy moved on to cold calling billionaires while working for Warren Buffet’s private jet company. From those disparate roles, Andy took on the task of leading global business development for Gowalla until their 2011 acquisition by Facebook.

 He played a similar role shortly there after with Waze until their acquisition by Google in 2013.

Andy lives in New York and thrives on the city that doesn’t sleep. When he’s not pushing forward on the front lines of innovation and big ideas, he can be found sharing his observations and experiences in his column on Forbes, with growing companies where he serves as an Advisor, or anyone who is willing to listen.

Even though he doesn’t slow down much, when he does, he enjoys black coffee, sporting a pocket square, and doing his best to keep up with his better half Annie, National Geographic’s Urban Insider. Keep track of his latest adventures on and on Twitter: @andyellwood.

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