Andy Ellwood was born with the gift of gab and raised with an overdeveloped self esteem. While making a name for himself with his caffeine fueled hustle, he’s seen more than his fair share of ups and downs on the journey of the entrepreneur. Andy currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer of StockUp.

A graduate of Texas A&M, Andy learned quickly what life on the front lines of sales looks like, first selling life insurance and then stepping up his game to selling private jets for Warren Buffett. He leveraged those lessons into roles leading business development and partnerships for Gowalla through to their acquisition by Facebook 2011 and for Waze through to their acquisition by Google in 2013.

Andy was a part of the founding team of Exosphere, an entrepreneurial education community in Santiago, Chile, and now serves as the Trustee of its foundation. As a sought after speaker, consultant, and start-up advisor, his roster of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and big brands continues to grow as the demand for insights on innovation and entrepreneurship continue to distinguish themselves throughout the business world.

Andy lives in New York City with his wife, Annie Fitzsimmons, and their rescue dog, Rocco.

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