End Game

In chess, playing for the End Game is the only way to win. It is the strategy of thinking three moves ahead at all times and understanding what contingencies should be considered and what advantages should be exploited. It is the idea of always taking action with intent and positioning each piece towards the ultimate goal.

End Game Enterprise was formed in 2007 as a holding company for all projects I’ve pursued  beyond the headlines that show up on my LinkedIn profile. From public speaking to advising young companies to raising capital on behalf of partners, there are a lot of projects I have been fortunate to pursue and see mature for all those involved.

End Game Enterprise serves as my sweat equity fund through which I work with start-ups and young companies to mature from and idea to a reality, from a reality to a success. I only actively work with three companies at a time, but have been fortunate to work with more than 20 companies since I first started pursuing this line of work in 2008. I have worked with companies as early stage as the back of a napkin brainstorm and as mature as Series B and a full fledge sales team. I come along side both founders and core team members to work through the positioning, product, and partnership strategy and tactics.

One of my mentor’s, author Tim Ferriss, told me that when he first started out in Silicon Valley, he couldn’t compete purely on investment dollars and in order to get in on projects and companies that he believed in, he had to work harder than any other advisor out there to make sure he wasn’t just another person stroking a check. That advice and my personal obsession with hustling towards the biggest win possible have lead to some great opportunities with some incredible companies.

Here is what some of my partners have said in the past about work together with me:

“From the beginning, Andy has played a valuable role as an advisor. His prior start-up experience, up-to-the-minute tech knowledge and keen understanding of consumer demands has proven critical to the development of our product and user experience. Further, his calm, kind and driven personality make him a great fit in our board room.” – Sarah Fazendin, CEO of Globa.li

“Andy  educated our team on how to approach brands and understand their needs and motivations. Also provided several valuable introductions. Great person, genuine, down-to-earth.” – Dan Rollman, CEO of Recordsetter

“Andy is one of the most effective business tacticians and implementers I have ever worked with. Andy has the unique ability to translate a team’s strategy into tangible, measurable steps necessary for a vision’s realization.” – Skinner Layne, Managing Partner of Lastarria Partners

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