Andy Ellwood is an Executive Coach with Velocity Group, one of the most trusted executive coaching firms in New York and Silicon Valley. He earned his stripes and stories by spending the past decade on the front lines of the entrepreneurial and start up battle front. From a hired gun brought in to lead a sales team to a opening the New York office for a would be unicorn start up and then going on to founding three companies of his own while serving on of advisory boards and angel investing, Andy has seen up close and personal how fast the world can change. And at all stages of a company and executives story and how quickly each of us as individuals needs to be able to change to keep up with the speed of innovation and competition while staying true to our purpose and calling.


Andy Ellwood has been the confidant and war time consigliere to some of the most impactful entrepreneurs and executives of the past decade and is constantly sought after as a trust partner who will listen and collaboratively work through the growing complexities of business and of life. Andy noticed more and more people were pursuing his advice and decided to actually learn how to quantify and clarify the method to his madness to be able to better serve others. In early 2019, Andy completed Co-Active coach training from the Coaches Training Institute in order to acquire those tools and techniques that will continue to set him apart. Andy’s hope is to be a catalyst for change in the lives of his clients, their companies, and their trajectory toward the purpose they’ve been given in this life.


Andy is still a full time operator of two companies that he founded, but is accepting a few new coaching clients for Summer of 2019 and would be happy to hear from you on your intentions and why you are interested in hiring a coach.

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