Social Commerce and Waze
Mar 2013 14

Before I share all of the big ideas that I had the chance to glean from this year’s SXSW, I wanted to post a recent speech I gave for the W20 Social Commerce Summit. It was a honor to speech to such a fantastic group of big thinkers, brand marketers, and digital innovators. I shared some of the initiatives that we’re pursuing with Waze and how our partners are leveraging the Proximity Incentive Graph our platform is being built on. I even snuck in a couple pocket square and breakfast taco references.

What do you think?

(Here are the slides so you can follow along)

Outsmarting Traffic Together
Feb 2013 26

This morning I had the chance to join the morning show on KVUE in Austin to talk about Waze. We launched as their traffic partner less than a month ago and have been seeing a great response from their viewers and our Wazers.  We also dove into the feature on Waze that allows you to find the cheapest gas in the area.

(If you don’t have Waze yet, go get it HERE)

Also, have to say, happy that the camera guy kept my pocket square visible for this segment.

May 2012 19

Had the chance to chat with CTV about the Facebook IPO, its price, and whether there’s a bubble in the tech sector. (Watch it here

Feb 2012 06

Growing up reading the Guiness Book of World Records,”I currently hold two world records” is a phrase I never thought I’d be able to say. But, as of last week and the official verification from judges at RecordSetter, it’s true. I now hold two world records, both having to do with Pocket Squares.

The very kind folks at Eton of Sweden were nice enough to let me use their gorgeous boutique at 58th and Madison for these record setting attempts as well as supply the Pocket Squares (my favorite place to add to my Pocket Square collection. Eton has some amazing new things coming this spring and fall.) Being surrounded by that much classy fashion, there was no way I could fail.

The first record: Most Pocket Squares Worn in 30 Seconds

The second record: Most Pocket Squares Worn At Once

Now that I’ve taken the plunge and have two of my very own world records (until someone breaks them), my mind has started to race with other records I can create/set/break.

What about you? Was set/break world record on your 2012 resolution list? Is it now?

Sep 2011 01

On one of my favorite trips so far this year, I headed down under to Sydney and had the incredibly unique experience to speak at the Sydney Opera House as a part of XMediaLab Global Ideas conference. It was a wonderful experience and some of the most fun I’ve ever had giving a speech. Afterwards, I sat down with author Brad Howarth to talk creativity, success, and Gowalla.

I cover a lot of different ways that Gowalla has worked with brands and where we see the location based world going. Would love to hear your thoughts our conversation.

Part One (8:04)

Part Two (5:22)