Wave on Wave
Jun 2013 27

Success often follows a pattern: right place, right time and you knew what to do next. Either a repeated pattern was identified or there were specific pain points that inspired the creation of a solution.

This pattern identifying is similar to body surfing on shallow waves. While the shape and size of the waves might not be the same each time, there are most definitely some places off the shore that are better than others to spot and ride the breaks inland.

I recently went off the grid in Kiawah, South Carolina. The hard-packed beaches were incredible for bike riding and sandcastles. But the flatness of the shoreline gave way to breaks that aren’t nearly as big. Most of the time. But, after spending a little bit of time watching the patterns and feeling out the sandbar beneath the surface, it became easier and easier to tell which waves were going to build into something with momentum and which were just good for show.

But, even after identifying the right place, it was still about knowing the right time. And even still about executing on the all out dive into the surf and paddling into the break that gave way for the most distance covered.  I only caught a couple of great ones my first few times out, but sometimes that is all it takes for you to get back out the next morning and start learning the patterns again.

Hustle 101: The Handwritten Note
Dec 2012 11

Sometimes a hand written note and thoughtful gift are all it takes.

At the end of the year, it is always crazy. This year is proving to be more so. Letters and packages and flights and Q4 goals to finish out. So wild that when a hand written envelope was placed on my desk yesterday, I didn’t even bother to open it for a couple of hours. But when I did, I found something that made my day.

Chad, the owner of the Get Squared Etsy shop, had come across my podcast with Keith Ferrazzi’s Social Capitalist show. After a little sleuthing, he discovered my not so well kept secret that I have an obsession with pocket squares.  And by going just a little bit further down the extra mile, I am assuming he tracked down the address to my office online and sent the note and great hand made pocket square.

The Get Squared pocket squares are simple but perfect to pair against a coat or shirt with a pattern like I did here. The stitching along the edges adds just enough definition to make sure no one is confused about whether you’re wearing a handkerchief or a pocket square. And for $5, you might as well buy one of each from Chad for yourself and one of each to give out as Christmas presents this year. Check them out for yourself: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GetSquared

There is an art and science to hustle. Hand written notes win on both sides of that story.

Ten Ways To Hack Growth
Nov 2012 08

Some advice transcends trends. Check out this talk by Kevin Rose a few years back (Twitter was new) where he lays out some of the hacks that he and his teams used to grow their companies.

Definitely worth the 22 minutes. (HERE is the text version as well)

Always looking for great resources like this for the companies I advise.

Know of another good batch of advice, let me know.


No Pain. No Gain.
Oct 2012 23

“Entrepreneurship and investing is 100% about managing your own psychology.” - Chris Sacca

So how do you manage your psychology using negative stimuli? Chatted a little bit about it in today’s Forbes post.

Fortunate Situations
Sep 2012 10

“The strongest thing to cultivate as an entrepreneur is to not need to rely on luck but to recognize fortunate situations when they’re occurring.”Jack Dorsey

“The best time to innovate or start something new is in the midst of a recession or depression.” (speaking about launching Square during the 2008 financial downward spiral.)

Make sure to listen to the passion with which he describes the Golden Gate Bridge at the 21:50 mark. It is something that shouldn’t exist but does and does so beautifully.