The Greatest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me
Feb 2014 14

With a title like that, there is a chance you think this blog post is coming from BuzzFeed, UpWorthy, or any other number of countless sites touted as the “future of content” that day after day insult your intelligence with their link-bait headlines.  In their efforts to drive site traffic, they’ve also driven the meaning right out of words that shouldn’t be reserved for ad campaigns or content they’re hoping goes viral.

In driving meaning from these words, they’ve let me searching for the right way to express exactly how I feel about my Valentine.  I want to use words that used to have meaning but now sound sensationalized. I want to use words that are as true and grandiose as they sound but have most recently been left to hashtags and flippant conversation.

I want to say that Annie is The Greatest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me because it is actually true. Who I am today and the life that we’ve built together over these past eleven years is only possible because of how big she dreams and how big she loves.

I want to say Annie is The Love of My Life and that I Can’t Imagine Loving Anyone More because it is actually how I feel. Whether we are together for a wonderful evening at River Cafe or we’re apart while traveling, there is nothing I think about and obsess about more than her.  My mind is consumed with Annie and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I want to say that Annie is Simply The Best because it is as accurate a statement as can be made.  In every area of her life, she is more giving, more determined, more fun, and more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever met or will ever know.  She is a daily testament to what can happen when you know what you want out of life and you fight and work to continue to make it your own.

I want to say that You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…. Well, that is probably going to be true.

This is the first Valentine’s Day since we got married, since we said forever and told the world. And I know it today, as much as any day before; I always have been, and always will be, The Lucky One. 

Sep 2013 16

The Best is Yet To Come
Jun 2013 20

They say hindsight is 20/20 and sometimes you have no idea of the impact one decision will make. 10 years ago today, I made the best decision of my life. 10 years ago today, I asked Annie out.

We’d been really good friends the previous semester at Texas A&M University, she had a great house and I had great ideas for doing things with our group at her house. We were always collaborating on the social schedule and next week’s fun.  But at a certain point, I finally realized that there just might be a little something more there.  And not being one to think too terribly long before exploring a hunch, ask Annie out.  I even managed to work in some Van Morrison on the drive home from our first date, a song I knew Annie liked, Someone Like You.

But I had no idea that my innocent, perhaps even cheesy, romantic gesture would end up being somewhat prophetic for the next decade that Annie and I have shared together.

All Around The World – Annie and I have invested more of our time and resources into traveling together than anything else. We both do a lot of traveling for work, Annie has made  a career out of it, but there is nothing we love more than exploring a new destination together or returning to an old favorite. We have our travel routine down (and even wrote about it last week for National Geographic) and being on the road together is almost like our second home.

Marching To The Beat of a Different Drum – We answered the “who” question much earlier than a lot of our friends. We’ve known for a very long time that this wasn’t just a college, or an early twenties kind of relationship.  We’ve had the chance to be a part of each other’s life through the ups and the downs, the tough spots and the huge wins. We have history together that continues to give one another the confidence to go out and try something new, reach a little bit higher, and take risks that others might not because when it is all said and done, we know that we have the other one as a constant, a teammate, a friend, no matter what the outcome. That consistency makes a world of difference when everything else can feel perpetually in flux.

The Best is Yet To Come – In the investment world, we used to say “past performance is not a guarantee of future results” to make sure we managed our client’s expectations. But what the world looks like for us now and what I know it is going to look like for us in our next decade together is even more amazing than we can even imagine. Our individual and our mutual dreams and goals make me smile. And above all else, knowing that I get to do all of that with Annie is the greatest fact of my life. There is nothing more important in life than the person you choose to share it with and fortunately for me, Annie agreed to our first date ten years ago and I’ve been the lucky one ever since.

Annie: There is nothing that makes me smile bigger or run harder than knowing we’re in this together. Happy Anniversary and here’s to the next decades of adventure.

Annie is the Urban Insider
Dec 2012 03

When Annie set out to share her passion for travel, and specifically her obsession for hotels, last year she had a very certain set of goals and measurable benchmarks that would let her know she was on the right track. She knocked out all of her goals for her first year in the first 5 months. She then made bigger goals and crushed them as well.

All of her hustle is continuing to give her more options and opportunities to share her travels with people from around the world. And, as of today, she is now National Geographic’s Urban Insider.

“Our Urban Insider is your cosmopolitan culture connection — from great places to stay and one-of-a-kind things to do in her home base, New York City, to tips from locals in the know in cities around the world. If traveling well is an art, Annie is here to get you up to speed. Follow along on the blog and on Twitter @anniefitz.”

So excited for her and for all the new adventures that are ahead.

And, just as a reminder, I was her Number One fan on day one.


I Heart NYC
Nov 2012 07

There are two things that I am not at all shy about saying I love: New York City and Annie Fitzsimmons.

Lucky for us all, those two loves are beautifully intertwined and in today’s post on National Geographic, on full display: I Heart My City: Annie Fitzsimmons’ NYC.

So many treasures in this city of ours, now all in one place for your consideration.