Only Carrying One Business Card

While most people would tell you that they believe business cards in their current physical form are on their way out, no one has really cracked the code on what will replace them. There have been attempts at virtual business cards and smartphone tapping shenanigans, but they haven’t really ever taken off. So, while we wait for the day when we can shake hands with someone and immediately be connected on LinkedIn, I’ll share my own business card innovation. I only carry one business card at a time...

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REBBL Tea: The Rest of the Story

In my Forbes post today, I dig into the Right People, Right Place, and Right Time that the team from Not For Sale created and the ideas that generated in that moment leading to the creation of REBBL Tea (you can read the whole post HERE)

But beyond that, there is the awesome story that REBBL Tea has the chance to be one of the first truly sustainable companies that is directly tied to and launched by a non-profit. The ideas of the Philanthropreneur that I first started writing about here in 2008. REBBL is working extremely hard to show they're not just a "do good company that has some products to sell" but that they are a full fledged best in category tea beverage.

"We're not trying to guilt people into buying our product," Mr. Batstone told me. "That's not sustainable. What we are doing is creating the best tea company out there. It just so happens that we are a part of a much bigger movement in the process." He then went on to tell me that their marketing and in store retail displays will not resemble the current typical "guilt wear" products that are out there. "It is essential that the reason people buy REBBL is that it is a great product and not that they feel bad for others. The first is a sustainable business the second is a fad."

"Slavery is a business," says Samuel Baker, Director of Business Development for Not For Sale, "And, we're going to fight it with business."

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Are You a Vending Machine or an Expert?

On the culinary experience spectrum, it is safe to say that a vending machine and a chef’s tasting menu are about as far apart as possible. One costs very little and gives you exactly what you asked for. The other costs quite a bit more but is designed to expand the horizons of your palette and be the best meal you’ve ever enjoyed. In the same way, as professionals, we must ask ourselves where do we fall on the experience spectrum in working with our clients? Are we vending machines or experts? Read the rest of the post on Forbes... HERE

The Hipster Effect

How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Some number you probably haven’t heard of yet. Hipster culture and the ego invested in being the first to know about obscure new bands, trends, and facial hair stylings has made its way into the consciousness of brands and comedians alike. I would say it’s gone mainstream, but don’t want to offend my barista.  Despite more plaid than a lumberjack convention, there are some take aways for your career that can only come from the perspective of that band you’ve never heard of from Williamsburg.

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The Perfect Email Intro

As our worlds get smaller with the advent of online social graphs and open networks in public view, our opportunities increase to intelligently connect the dots.  Knowing you’ve made an introduction that will equally benefit both people being introduced is terrific feeling. But, making an introduction in our fast paced world is more challenging now than it used to be. We all have more friends, followers, and connections than we realize and getting someone’s attention takes an artful introduction. To ensure that both recipients see the value to an email introduction, some thoughts on sending the perfect email intro can be found HERE

Three People You Need To Know

Walking into a large room of strangers alone and having a good time is not always the easiest thing to do. I’ve been doing it for my entire career and flying solo to an event still takes a little mental pep talk. But, with a little strategy and just a touch more hustle than normal, it can be as good for you as it is for them. Last night I attended the Gotham Magazine party honoring Yankees’ relief pitcher, Mariano Rivera. As I looked out across the room full of strangers, I pinpointed three people that I was on a mission to meet by the end of the night.

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