Stay Sharp

When asked “when did you have the ‘ah-ha’ moment that set your success in motion?” very few entrepreneurs or professionals will answer, “while checking my email at the office.” In an informal survey yesterday, I asked ‘Where do you consistently do your best big thinking?’ The responses ranged from the shower, to the beach, to 30,000 feet in the air on a cross country flight. But one thing the responses all had this in common: the location was unplugged and away from the normal... Read more HERE

If You’re On Time, You’re Late

Punctuality is one of the least talked about victims of our instantly connected world. The death of proper grammar has been bemoaned for years as the shorthand of tweens texting has now moved onto Twitter. The decline of face to face conversation have been documented and mourned as people now prefer to sit at a dinner table and tweet about the people they’re with instead of being with the people they’re with. But the decline and deprioritization of punctuality is the silent victim that I, and anyone else operating on Hustle Standard Time, are most acutely aware of.... read more HERE

Before You Need It

There are few things in New York City as nerve-wracking as trying to reload your Metro Card while your train is pulling into the station. The fairly simple process of topping off your account turns into a scramble to punch the touchscreen buttons faster and hope you picked the one machine at your station that will read your credit card on the first swipe. There are few things in business as nerve-wracking as trying to rekindle professional relationships than when you are suddenly in need of a bigger network. The fairly simple process of keeping your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections up to date suddenly becomes a mad dash of updating professional details, digging out the business cards you’d forgotten about from that conference in Las Vegas last summer, and starting emails with “You may not remember me but…”

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