Social Commerce and Waze

Before I share all of the big ideas that I had the chance to glean from this year's SXSW, I wanted to post a recent speech I gave for the W20 Social Commerce Summit. It was a honor to speech to such a fantastic group of big thinkers, brand marketers, and digital innovators. I shared some of the initiatives that we're pursuing with Waze and how our partners are leveraging the Proximity Incentive Graph our platform is being built on. I even snuck in a couple pocket square and breakfast taco references. What do you think?

(Here are the slides so you can follow along)

Outsmarting Traffic Together

This morning I had the chance to join the morning show on KVUE in Austin to talk about Waze. We launched as their traffic partner less than a month ago and have been seeing a great response from their viewers and our Wazers.  We also dove into the feature on Waze that allows you to find the cheapest gas in the area. (If you don't have Waze yet, go get it HERE)

Also, have to say, happy that the camera guy kept my pocket square visible for this segment.

New Direction

In college, I became better friends with my fellow classmates if we all disliked the professor. We bonded together to make sure we passed tests and got notes because we knew we'd receive no help from the front of the classroom. The negative environment created an engaged community. And Waze has done the same thing for driving and traffic. I am extremely excited to announce I have joined Waze as Senior Director of Business Development. Through partnerships with brands, broadcasters, and local governments, Waze is doing more than getting you from point A to point B. Active users drives 440 minutes per month with Waze as their copilot, a solid 7+ hours each month that Waze can make better. Whether showing the lowest price gas or building in a coffee break pit stop along the way, there is a lot of surprising and delighting to be done.

With over 33,000,000 drivers around the world, Waze is a free navigation and traffic app that is home to the world's largest community of drivers who work together to outsmart traffic, together. The maps on Waze are updated in real time by other drivers (voice activated commands) to let the community know about traffic jams, accidents, and police speed traps. Pulling together all of these incidents and data points, Waze automatically updates your driving directions and saves you time on your journey or daily commute. (You can join the for free community HERE)

It seems like everyone is talking about maps these days thanks to Apple rolling out their less than awesome product in September. While Google finally released their Maps product for iPhone a couple of weeks ago, there is still a lot of people looking for more than just how to get from point A to point B. Here are a couple other fun things folks are using Waze for:

So check it out, would love to hear your thoughts on what kind of brands and partnerships would make your drive time even better.