Hustle 101: The Handwritten Note

Sometimes a hand written note and thoughtful gift are all it takes. At the end of the year, it is always crazy. This year is proving to be more so. Letters and packages and flights and Q4 goals to finish out. So wild that when a hand written envelope was placed on my desk yesterday, I didn't even bother to open it for a couple of hours. But when I did, I found something that made my day.

Chad, the owner of the Get Squared Etsy shop, had come across my podcast with Keith Ferrazzi's Social Capitalist show. After a little sleuthing, he discovered my not so well kept secret that I have an obsession with pocket squares.  And by going just a little bit further down the extra mile, I am assuming he tracked down the address to my office online and sent the note and great hand made pocket square.

The Get Squared pocket squares are simple but perfect to pair against a coat or shirt with a pattern like I did here. The stitching along the edges adds just enough definition to make sure no one is confused about whether you're wearing a handkerchief or a pocket square. And for $5, you might as well buy one of each from Chad for yourself and one of each to give out as Christmas presents this year. Check them out for yourself:

There is an art and science to hustle. Hand written notes win on both sides of that story.