Recent Recommendations

"Andy Ellwood has the rare ability to perfectly combine creativity with business and create innovative new deals. I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on numerous projects CNN and Gowalla have done together. Each deal, Andy was client focused, cued in to everyone's needs and delivered above and beyond. Andy hustles from city to city, project to project with a focus on quality. You also may want to ask Andy about his pocket squares or cowboy boots.” - Eric Kuhn, Audience Interaction Producer, CNN “Mr. Ellwood is a savvy and effective business development and sales guy. But more importantly, he's a honest sales guy you can trust and rely on for good advice and industry knowledge. The technology space is saturated with ineffective and disingenuous sales people. Thankfully Andy is one of the good guys: he knows his stuff, sees the big picture, and makes you feel good while closing the sale. Guys like this are few and far between.” - Dan Patterson, Digital Platform Manager, ABC News Radio

“Working with Andy Ellwood was a blast. He's smart, creative and knows how to solve problems quickly - an essential skill in the light speed of today's digital environment. Already thinking of the next project AP and Gowalla can do together.” - Joe Webster, Deputy Director, The Associated Press

Recent Recommendations

“As I started my career, I looked for the tools necessary to be successful. Andy Ellwood has those tools. The information he provides on profiling and communication has proven to pay dividends. He has a wealth of knowledge and is gifted as a natural instructor, trainer, and mentor. If you are looking for someone who has vision, integrety, and is excellent at what he does, look no further.” - Gregory Pontrelli, Global Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley

"Andy Ellwood is a person who works hard to provide the right solution for his clients. He is intelligent, a great listener, and always works in the best interest of his client. Andy Ellwood is a true professional." - Barry Justice, President of CAAP

"Andy Ellwood has a sincere pace that only hints at the dynamic persona that he truly is. Every time I've done business with him, it has been a surprise to see how quickly he understands the complex ideas and questions I throw at him from my industry, and an even better surprise to hear his solutions. He is always on the end of the spectrum of perfect business acumen and remarkably has a demeanor that makes connecting with him seem like part of a greater plan. I look forward to doing more business with him and look forward to any conversation. Everyone should have the chance to get to know Andy Ellwood." - Sean Reavis, Executive Producer and EVP at Player Entertainment Group

Recent Recommendations

"Andy Ellwood's high energy level is rivaled only by his ambition and work ethic. He has learned a new business very quickly and continues to work hard to bring value to the relationships that he has with our clients." - Patrick Gallagher, EVP at Marquis Jet

"Andy Ellwood very personable and represents Marquis Jet professionally at all time. Great to work with and definitely an asset." - Glenn Merkel, US Amines

Recent Recommendations

From time to time I have the honor of being recommended by those that I have the chance to interact and work with. While there is always something to be said for meeting my own expectations and striving to live up to my own standard of excellence, it is also gratifying to know that other's have taken note as well.

“Andy is a passionate sales executive. He is tireless in his quest to provide the best service he can to his clients. Catch him while he is a star on the rise!” - Dr. John Eliot; author of Overachievement

“Very professional. I recommend Andy Ellwood to everyone.” - Thomas Gleason; President of Gleason Oil & Gas

“Andy Ellwood is a bright, high energy individual with exceptional verbal communication skills. I have known him to demonstrate high ethical standards and personal honesty in all of my dealings with him.” - Phillip Bankhead; Senior Vice President of Capmark Finance Inc.

“Andy Ellwood's energy and work ethic inspires me! He is always learning and observing his environment to maximize opportunity!” - Chris Hite; Owner of HITE, Advertising and Brand Consulting

“Andy places himself in the shoes of the client. This does not always bode well for his employer. He believes that the client always comes first making a win-win for all those involved. Andy Ellwood has a deep experience with UHNW and HNW families making him a valuable resource for those individuals looking for a informed advisor.” - Christopher Holtby; Partner at Midland Asset Management

Recent Recommendations

Recently I received a few recommendations from some of the high caliber individuals that I have the privilege of working with and thought I would share.

“In business there are givers and takers. Andy Ellwood is the ultimate giver. He constantly looks for ways to help others!” - Ed Gough, Private Banking and Investment Group, Merrill Lynch

“Nothing could describe Andy Ellwood more than a serial networker... He is constantly on the lookout for ways to help others with no real return to him. He is selfless and astute, tireless and kind, knowledgeable and honest. If I were in the position to utilize the services he provided, I would be first in line as I think the value he provides is quite good, especially when compared to many competing services of the same nature. Please take my information down if any one needs more information on Andy.” - Carter Malouf, Private Jeweler

“Andy Ellwood is a great person to know and work with. Each time I chat with Andy, I think of another person I want to introduce him to. He is selfless and a connector of people an ideas. Andy is truly a genuine person with an engaging personality. He's willing to go the extra mile to make a difference and connect people to grow their businesses, networks, etc...If you don't know Andy Ellwood, you should!” - JB Hayes, Public Relations Chair, Dallas Museum of Art

“As I have gotten to know Andy over time, I have learned of his heart for others and drive to succeed - not for the sake of success, but to enable him to give to others more abundantly. This is the type of servant leader all should know and try to emulate. It is my pleasure to endorse Andy Ellwood and would encourage you to reach out to him.” - Jason Loveless, Financial Advisor, The Reaves Agency

Recent Recommendations

“Andy Ellwood is someone to know. In the brief time that I've been fortunate to work with Andy, he has done what many attempt and few achieve: he has delivered on what he has said he would do. Seems simple enough, right? It isn't and most people fail before they begin. Why? Two simple reasons: 1) They fail in preparation to understand the commitment their making and 2) Once over committed, they lose faith in the constant environment of failure that is sales. Think of it, even the greatest closers ever fail 90% of the time they engage a potential end user. It’s tough and it takes a smart, tough, driven professional like Andy Ellwood to succeed. I highly recommend that anyone who comes in contact with Andy Ellwood to get to know him because he is worth knowing. I'm glad I do.- Jay Sapovits; Owner, One Key

"I enjoyed meeting Andy and was really impressed with his customer care. i enjoy deluxe travel (and am a bit spoiled) so Andy's attention to detail and follow up was very much appreciated. Andy's a very pleasant person do work with." - Marcos Rodriguez; Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur - Aspen Colorado

“Andy is very thorough and professional in his ability to meet deadlines and worked very well with me to explain all details of his product to me. He was always patient and kind in his demeanor and was the deciding factor for me to make a purchase decision in an educated manner.” - Sanjay Meshri; Owner, Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.