Going Viral For Something You Didn't Do

You may have seen my name associated with this photo this weekend. It appeared on every major new outlet in the US and was published in newspapers on every continent. And it wasn't my photo. From having reports stalking my apartment building to my Mom receiving phone calls on my childhood home phone number to offers of money in exchange for more information, it was a wild weekend.  Learned a lot about journalism and how things go viral and am still processing it all.

Read the rest of the story here on Forbes: Going Viral For Something You Didn't Do

Thoughts of the Philanthropreneur

I recently discussed some of the bigger ideas behind being a Philanthropreneur with the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M, my alma mater.  It was great to be able to share some of the motivations I have behind the concept of marrying the hustle of the entrepreneur and the selfless passion of the social change causes that are sweeping our generation. There is so much room to innovate and think bigger, it is a blast to be a part of the discussion. The full article can be read here:

Philanthropreneurship: Andy Ellwood ’04 discusses sustainable philanthropy

Gowalla on CNBC

As the idea of location based experiences continues to emerge as "a potential multi-billion dollar idea" there is more and more interest in how to do it right.  CNBC explores some of those ideas and spent some time with Gowalla CTO Scott Raymond discussing privacy. (VIDEO) I made my cameo appearance in this piece as well as I debuted my modeling, shopping, and checking in skills at Paul Frank in New York City.

The highlight of that experience was after we finished shooting the B-Roll footage of me rocking my pocket square and Gowalla check-in, another shopper walked up to me and asked in all seriousness, "Are you Paul Frank?"

Gowalla on Huffington Post

I recent had the chance to speak at the NYU Stern School of Business as a part of the L2 Mobile Clinic for Luxury Brands about Gowalla and how brands are choosing to engage.  The Huffington Post has recently posted the video of my speech. (WATCH HERE) As more and more brands have expressed interest in working with Gowalla, the creative ideas and engagements we have had the chance to build have been just phenomenal.