Happy 3 Years To Basket

Three years ago, we officially launched what is now Basket and began our quest to change a $1.3 Trillion industry and for the first time, give power to the shoppers. We didn't know how much opposition we would encounter, both from entrenched industry titans not interested in a transparent and shopper focused future or from other technology companies claiming to have a superior mouse trap. I am proud to say, we've preserved through those sets of challenges and many more.. 

Andy Ellwood and Neil Kataria, Founders of Basket.

Andy Ellwood and Neil Kataria, Founders of Basket.

Today we can say something that not many entrepreneurs get to say, "This is what we thought would happen and we're very well positioned to run the table." 

The future is extremely bright for Basket and everyone who is involved right now. The future is even brighter for all of the shoppers that will join our growing community in the next three years as the #ShopperFirst revolution hits full speed. 

If you want to see what we've been working so hard on, download the latest version of our app here!