Expect More

As the new year kicks into full swing, I am going to expect more.  More from myself and the work that I do. More from myself and how I related to others. More from myself in the ways I give back. More from my friends in their lives and the work they are doing. More from my community and its impact on the world. More from my leaders and their role in bringing about change. More from companies that I work with and choose to give my business to. 

In 2017 I am going to expect more from everyone and everything. 

And to put my money where my mouth is, this morning I am kicking on the #ExpectMore tour around one of the big parts of my life, Basket. As many of you have seen, Basket is starting to gain some pretty exciting momentum. We’ve been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC and have a lot more stories to come.  Our community has come to expect more. 

More choice. More transparency. More savings. More innovation.

What I’ve found over the past few months is that there has been a while section of the country that has caught the left overs of innovation and not had the chance to be on the ground floor. The middle of the country, or as those on the coasts call them, “the fly over states” have been getting a lot of the innovation scraps that have been leftover from the coastal cities that most people think of when it comes to the future of tech. 

And that’s why, starting today, I am driving from Austin to NYC over the next week or so to encourage people all across the country, not just on the coasts, to expect more from innovation and having revolutionary technologies built for the way that the majority of Americans live, not just for people in Soho or Soma. 

I’ll be stopping in and speaking to some local media, passing out Basket Swag, and capturing the stories of people who are Expecting More as I go and I hope you will follow along here on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram. 

AND, if you really want to help, I am still trying to figure out which route I am going to go! From here in Austin, I am headed towards Houston this afternoon but after that, maybe New Orleans? Maybe Arkansas? If you know bloggers or local media that Expect More for their audience and want to chat about it, please let me know!