The grocery shopping app for the 99% - CNN

Food and grocery delivery services tend to cater to the 1%.

While the convenience of getting groceries delivered to doorsteps is enticing, it tends to be a costly luxury. 

The vast majority of Americans are still strolling down store aisles themselves to check items off their shopping lists. And it's this demographic that startup Basket is targeting. The company is highlighting price transparency to helping people discover the best priced items at local stores. 

It does so by leveraging the power of the crowd. Basket has built up a database of grocery store items and their prices by tasking shoppers with capturing that information. 

It's like Waze -- an app that uses crowd-sourced traffic data to help predict better travel routes for drivers -- but for grocery shopping. (Waze was bought by Google for more than $1 billion in 2013.) 

According to cofounder Andy Ellwood, who was an early employee at Waze, one Basket customer saved $75 by driving less than two miles away to a different store to make the same purchases..... read the rest on CNN Money