The Understand Project

Last month, I went off. I had had enough and I knew that as a privileged, straight, white, male I didn't understand enough about all of the challenges that countless people around me deal with that have never been things I have personally encountered. (Read the whole rant here)

So this fall, I am following through on my commitment to learn and my commitment to understand with what I am loosely calling The Understand Project. I am going to seek out people doing amazing things that have encountered a different set of challenges than the ones I have and faced and find the similarities and lessons learned on both sides. I have already started hearing from some incredible dreamers and doers from around the world as I started to share this project with others, but if you are or you know someone who is doing something incredible and overcoming the odds and the challenges that they've faced simply for they are, I'd love to talk to them and hear their story. 

I can't change that I am a privileged, straight, white, male but I can be a part of changing the conversation.