Enough Is Enough - No More

I am a man and have never felt unsafe or objectified for how I look or what I choose to wear.

I am white and have never felt I unsafe or nervous because of the color of my skin. 

I am straight and have never had anyone hate me because of who I love. 

I am privileged and I have never experienced anything like what I am seeing and hearing about on the news and know that I will never understand the fear and angry and hate that is seemingly every where.

Evil looks like it is winning. 

I don’t know what to do or how to make it stop, but I will not stand by and be silent because of my lack of understanding, I will learn. 

I don’t know who to turn to and to trust in a position of power or in the government to actually stand up and fight for the world I believe is possible, but I will hunt them down and I will rally behind them if they’re found. 

I don’t know how much my voice and my time and my strength and my resource will matter, but I don’t care because they will matter enough so I won’t stop and I will keep fighting for what is right. 

I don’t know who will read this and care but I do know that this is a fight that we are all in together and if you want to fight with me, let me know know and we’ll learn and hunt and fight our way through. It would be my honor to lock arms and chase down whatever evil we can find and all stand up and loudly say together, “Enough Is Enough. No More.”