One Thing To Change Them All

Recently people have asked me how I get the attitude I need to do the hard things that I sometimes have to do in the endeavors I am working on or in my personal life. And I’m going to tell you my secret. We all know that attitude is important and getting yourself into the right mindset takes practice, especially to be able to pull yourself out of a funk quickly and see the situation for what it is and achieve the results you want. 

To make things happen, there is only one thing that you need remember: go start doing the thing. Take action right now. Whatever you can see and understand and act on that makes even the smallest dent in the big challenge you have ahead of you will make a monstrous impression on your attitude about your ability to complete the task or the work. 

People that talk about having the right attitude first are full of crap. You’ll never have the right attitude if you are not doing the right work. The attitude you need to have to win and to conquer whatever is ahead of you right now is only possible to obtain in the middle of taking action. You can’t get a “runner’s high” if you are not running. In the same way, you can’t get a doer’s high if you are not doing. 

“Action Begets Attitude”

So, think about that thing that you’ve bene putting off and that is staring back at you right now. Stop reading this post and go do something!