Onward We Go

Yesterday was in fact as hard a day as I thought it might be when I woke up and wrote THIS. But here is the thing, that was yesterday. And today is today. And that means that yesterday's pain was something that I could handle. And that what lies ahead for today will be more well informed and more real because I made it through yesterday. 

I am sitting in a new room surrounded by things that I brought with me as I begin my next chapter. I am not home, but I am grateful to have a place in New York City to call home base while I continue to sort out all that comes next. 

As I was sipping my first cup of coffee here, I was rereading the comments, messages, tweets, Facebook posts, and texts that I received yesterday. I heard from family and friends who I'd heard from the day before, but also from friends that I hadn't spoken to in over a decade. Say whatever you want about social media, it is an incredible way to keep up loose ties and drip just enough out there about yourself that others can follow your story line and feel safe stepping back in with an encouraging word every now and then. 

After reading the response to yesterday's blog post, one of the most read posts of 2015 so far, I went back and read some of the other posts before it and came away with a couple thoughts:

  1. If you just met me and started reading my blog, I am aware that it has been pretty heavy recently. My life has been, and it shows here. But, I also, from time to time, have some fun on this blog, so hold on for the return to snarky Andy.
  2. I am extremely grateful that I have a place like this to share thoughts, mostly for me, but also to give them a chance to be interacted with by others that might be going through something similar or fighting a fight that looks a little like mine. 
  3. The fastest way to put yourself in the majority and find a band of friends and compatriots doing battle together is to be honest that things aren't perfect and that you could use a hug. That's just about everyone in the world and just about everyone in the world needs you to join in.

Going forward, I am sure there will be some heavy posts that will continue to appear here. But, if you're reading this (which won't be as many of you because I'm not posting this on my social feeds) and you have something you'd like me to share my thoughts on or write about that isn't as heavy, (maybe sales or partnerships or entrepreneurship or country music?) let me know in the comments, I'd love to think about how I can make this blog even more valuable for everyone else. 

Until then, keep fighting the good fight.

Onward we go.