When It Comes To Love, You're Probably Wrong and Right

Understanding how someone else feels and gives love takes a long time. Assuming that your experience with love is universal is a mistake far to frequently made.

I have been in love. I have been destroyed by love. I have felt love. I have shown love. I have received love. I love to love. 

Love is a personal as it gets. Love is different for me than it is for you. Love is hard and love is something that takes everything you have.  When love is good it gives you everything you've ever wanted. When love fades it feels like it takes everything you ever thought you had away. Love is devastatingly present throughout all ups and all downs. 

Love takes courage and love takes determination. Love isn't to be trifled with. Love demands your best. Love lives in a place of honoring someone else with your words, your actions, and your selflessness. 

How you come to understand you and love is a journey that takes a life time. Each time we show love we learn more about ourselves and about love. Every time we receive love we learn more about ourselves and about love.  When you watch someone give or receive love you learn more about your understanding of love and also see how different it is from everyone else's. 

Everything is different when there is love. The work you do, the words you speak, the life you live are all different when there is love. Love has and will outlast anything we think we might build in this world. Love has been and will be here long before and long after we are gone. Love completes us. Love is the best version of us. Love is above all things, even faith and hope. 

Love isn't something that can be owned. Love is only something that can be experienced. Love isn't something that can be regulated. Love is free from the petty constraints and those that think they matter. 

Your love is different than my love. My love is different than your love.  Love is for everyone. Love is for everyone to find for themselves. Love is love.