Only In New York

The city of New York has a way of humbling you and reminding you that you aren't in control, that there are factors outside the grasp of your best intentions. And for most people, it teaches you that lesson very quickly into your arrival. 

Take my subway friend for example.  Busy morning subway ride from Brooklyn into Manhattan on the 4 train. I see him dive through the doors just as they are closing. He has a look of relief on his face. The train begins to zoom underneath the East River and he begins to try and move to hold onto the railing. 

And then he sees it. 

And then we see it. 

And then he looks up at me with panicked eyes and asks what he should do. 

It is his 2nd week in New York. 

It is his 2nd day on the job. 

He is running late.

That side of the subway doesn't open for another 7 express stops uptown. 

He is now running really late. 

As I step off at Wall Street, I give him the knowing nod and he responds with. "Only in New York, right?" The kind of resignation and go with the flow attitude that means he is well on his way to making it in the city that doesn't sleep.  

Welcome to New York, friend. It's worth it.