Smiling Because It Happened

Family and Friends, 

Some of you have heard the news and some of you might be finding out just now: Annie and I have decided to get divorced and begin new chapters in each of our lives. This has been one of the toughest things that either of us has ever done and I know we are both so grateful to the many people who have stepped up and stepped in over the past several months to encourage and embrace us in this decision that we've made. 

That being said, having been together for over 12 years, I have no idea what adult life without Annie looks like. It is bittersweet that this adventure is ending. But, even through the haze of the right now, I am confident that this is the beginning of even bigger adventures for Annie and for myself. 

Like so much of our relationship, I wanted to share this publicly. Not because I'm looking for sympathy or to invite people to a "love sucks" pity party. I'm sharing this because it is really important to me that anyone looking back at the time that Annie and I had together looks back with the same perspective that I've come to see it with: right for a time, not right for all time. 

Far too often what we all share publicly is only our highlight reel and the perfectly filtered photos. But real life is what happens in between those picture perfect moments, in those tough times, and from where you least expect it. Life is ups and it is downs and it is much messier than any of us like to admit. 

And in that mess and in that honesty, I know that the best is yet to come.