Year End Highlights

Here at the end of the craziest year of my life, I wanted to offer a bit of gratitude for everything that I have learned this year and share three high notes that are making this a great finish to 2015.

Launching My New Company: Basket

For the past 2 years, I have been building my new company Basket, the first ever company to let you peek into local stores and know if they carry your favorite products and at what price. We weren't quite ready for all the eyeballs until now. It would mean the world to me if you download it and checked it out for yourself.  We believe this has the chance to bring a level of pricing transparency unlike anything else has before. Today, TechCrunch gave a sneak peek into the long road that got us to this point and hinted at some of the big things that are ahead.

Funding The World's Untapped Genius: Exosphere Labs

Three years ago when we launched Exosphere, we had not idea that our team would have the opportunity to work with over 900 entrepreneurs from 43 different countries to shape and push forward on their own dents in the world. In that process, our network has grown significantly and so has our vision to Disturb The Universe. In partnership with some pretty amazing people and organizations, we are now proudly launching a fund to invest in the solutions to some of the biggest problems our global community is tackling.
You can read more about our vision HERE

Moving Back Home: Manhattan

After two and half years off of the island of Manhattan exploring other boroughs, I moved back to the Village and couldn't be more thrilled about that fact. The energy the pulsates throughout New York City is especially strong here in my neighborhood and given all that 2016 has in store, there is no place I'd rather call home than the epicenter of the city that doesn't sleep. 

As you look ahead to what life has in store for you in 2016, I hope you see it filled with as much possibility and irrational exuberance as I do. 2015 was a year to survive for me. 2016 is a year to thrive and I wish the same for you.