Announcing Basket

Technology has made so many parts of our lives better, from pushing a button and having a car show up; to sending a message electronically to people anywhere around the world; to touching a button and receiving the latest film, book, or album on the supercomputer in our pocket. Advances of technology have touched so many aspects of daily life but hasn’t yet revolutionized something every family does multiple times a week: grocery shopping. Until Now.

Say hello to Basket.

Think about your last grocery trip; you made a list, you checked it twice, and drove to a nearby store to check as many things off your list as you could. After checking out, you look down at your receipt and your almost completed list. Ask yourself: Do I know if I paid the best price? Could I have found all of the items on this list if I went to a different store?

Pricing transparency is now expected across industries like travel, car buying, or purchasing a home. You can have all the information, and therefore the power, at your fingertips before you make your next purchase. But why hasn’t this information and power made it to purchases you make more frequently than any other? Why do you have to shop blind and hope that your regular store have your favorite products in stock AND at the best price?

Basket removes the blindfold from shoppers to allow them to compare prices of products at local stores, specifically grocery and every day purchases. Simply open Basket and share what is on your shopping list and then Basket will do they rest, crunching millions of local prices for your favorite grocery and everyday products at the stores you love. You’ll know not only which store has the best choices for your current shopping trip, but how much you’ll pay before you go. Basket puts the power in your hands so you can choose to save both time and money on every shopping trip, sometimes with savings of over 60%. Download the app to see for yourself.

Over the past three years, Basket, and our community of smart shoppers, have learned a few things that surprised us about the way most grocery and everyday stores work:

  1. Advertised sales prices only make up less than 5% of the sales prices in a store! Those weekly circulars that come on Sundays or are at the front of the store only show part of the savings possible. 
  2. Prices change on your favorite products more frequently than you might think. We have been tracking the ups and downs of regular prices on top products at national and local stores. It is amazing how much timing goes into when you should buy and when you should wait to stock up on your favorites. 
  3. Doing a little math can save you even more. At the big box retailers and discount clubs, everyone assumes that buying more or buying in bulk is the best way to save money, but that is not always true. We crunch all those numbers behind the scenes for you and tell you how you can save more, whether it is at the discount club or your local retailer. 

Our community of shoppers just like you, have helped us add more than 165,000 stores across the US and built a catalog of over 1 billion prices for grocery and everyday products so that Basket can give you the power to stop shopping blind. Basket is ready to help you save time and money so you know before you go. To join this community of smart shoppers and see the magic of Basket for yourself, download it here.