Announcing the Hustle Scholarship

Are you ready to Disturb The Universe? Does the word Hustle appear frequently in your vocabulary? Should it appear more? Then read on.

Three years ago, my friend and business partner Skinner Layne and I started asking questions. Questions about the early successes we’d had in our careers and the road that had led to those early wins. We continued asking questions about the lessons we learned in our subsequent failures and challenges. As we continued to ask these questions, we realized that we were not the only ones. We began finding other question askers around the world and collectively we began asking the questions that led to the founding of Exosphere.

When we founded Exosphere in 2012, we had no idea it would work, much less take off the way that it has. Since our first program in the fall of 2013, we have had more than 800 people join us in asking questions. These question askers that are now a part of our global community have been as young as 19 and as old as 58. They have been from 43 different countries around the world. They have had backgrounds as diverse as former drug dealers to former pharmacists. But they have all been united in a simple and clear theme of the desire for self reliance and the permission to ask questions without any certainty that there will be an answer.

This month, we have two huge programs going on at our campus in Chile: Athena Empire, the first ever all female led and attended entrepreneurial boot camp in South America and our AI Nexus, the first ever Artificial Intelligence summit.

But today I am thinking about what comes next in 2016, Hydra III. One of our most successful program has been our Hydra Series, the more storied of our Boot Camp programs. This is our third installment of the Hydra program and promises to be our best. Through our own trial and error, we have learned the structure, the process, and the dynamic nature of community learning to bring one of the most powerful programs to the next wave of question askers.

Because it takes all kinds to build a company, build a movement, or change the world, we are recruiting all kinds of incredible people to join us for Hydra III. We’ve curated an incredible group of mentors and guest lecturers and honed in on the mix of question askers we will be accepting for this next Boot Camp.

And in that mix is a group of people that I am personally and viscerally aligned with: the hustlers. I have written before that the dream team for every great company begins with a Hipster, a Hacker, and a Hustler and I know it is true for the community we’re building with Exosphere. That is why, I am personally sponsoring the first ever $1,500 Hustle Scholarship for one participant at Hydra 3.

In the past Boot Camps, I have had the chance to mentor, advise, and even eventually hire participants that have pushed beyond their comfort zone and embraced their role one the front lines of innovation and as the mouthpiece for change.

The recipient of this first Hustle Scholarship will have a unique view on their time at Hydra III and an inside track to getting the most out of the program. In addition to the the financial incentive, the scholarship winner will have the chance to work with me and people in my network throughout the program to ensure they not only leave with the soft and hard skills that Exosphere teaches, but with a clear and a focused path on how to obtain the highest and best use of their new found skills and network.

To apply for the Hustle Scholarship, please complete the Hydra III application and denote that you;d like to also be considered for this opportunity. I expect it to be a competitive process but I personally will be speaking with every applicant and hope that that includes you.

“Life comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.” — Bonus points on your application if you can name that movie.