Getting Back To the Big Leagues

Recently a friend made a suggestion to me that I initially took offense to. It was a very small "have you ever thought about doing..." kind of suggestion, but it caught me completely off guard. I was fortunately able to mentally right myself and realize this suggestion was not meant in malice, but as a friendly thought. 

After I accepted the friendly thought and told him I'd think it about it, I took a moment to ponder, "why would he think to suggest that? doesn't he know that I already do that thing all the time?" And then it hit me, we're newer friends and I haven't been running at full speed in the time that we've known each other.  He met me while I was figuratively on the injured reserve after being sidelined with a season ending blowout.  His perception of me is an "Andy on a rehab assignment in the minors" kind of perception. 

What a cool thing that is. To know that his suggestion was something he could see me doing and he had no idea that it actually was something I had done for many years in the past but just hadn't been up to the challenge to do recently. That he wanted to see me be a better me, a version of me that he hadn't seen before, and that I not only could be that version, but have been that version before. 

Now, more than ever, I am pumped to get back to the big leagues and start playing like a first round draft pick entering the prime of their career.