Recently, I've read a couple people's blogs where they were complete honest about how hard life is. They actually admitted to their readers that sometimes, life isn't always awesome.  And as I reread my recently blog posts, tweets, and Facebook statuses, I realized that I am full of shit. My posts have been about eloping and starting a new company and the cool pocket squares someone sent me. All of those things were in fact good, but where online have I talked about how hard moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn has been or how awful my former landlord has been about returning our deposit or all of the tough things that have happened in the early days of my new company? My online posts are just a touched-up highlight reel of life that apparently has led people to believe nothing wrong ever happens. That, some how, amongst all of the truth that we all know about how hard things are in reality, I magically have avoided all of that and only live in a world of fairy dust and perfection.  For that complete misconception of which I am 100% responsible, I am sorry. I love the life that I am living and the people I am living it with, but, there is a lot of rough stuff mixed in with the occasional highlights that I have most recently shared.

“I don’t hit publish unless I am scared I’ve gone too far.” - James Altucher