Get To The Other Side

It is an age old question with a lot of creative answers, but I'd like to prove that the chicken's actual reason for crossing the road was in fact a strategic move all about perspective that could be gained from the other side. This photo was taken on the corner of 27th and 5th Ave.

This photo was also taken on the corner of 27th and 5th Ave.

Both photos were taken at 8:15am looking north, the direction I was heading.

One of these photos shows the canyons of Midtown South emerging on the horizon with no memorable benchmark between me and the horizon.

One of these photos presents a clear and unmistakable point of reference by which to measure my progress against.  It also gave me a lot more motivation to keep fighting through all of the pedestrian traffic jams that were between me and my destination.

So, when thinking about the year behind and the year ahead, sometimes you just have to make like a chicken and cross the road because the perspective you need of the Empire ahead is on the other side.