2012: On To The Next One

This week has been a sobering and strange time of inaction. I hate inaction. I am horrible at it. But as Timehop continues to send me my morning email detailing what kind of bold claims and inspirational quotes I made a year ago today on Twitter and Facebook about what 2012 would play out to become, I become more and more certain that 2012 will go down as a very forgettable year in the autobiography I probably will never write.

Every year since graduation from college has held some kind of memorable moment that I could hang the year on. A new job, a new city, a memorable trip, or a moment big enough it is now a part of my About Me page. This year? Nothing close. It wasn't a bad year the way that 2008 was, but it wasn't a year that I will look back on and wish it could have gone on longer.

All told, I can't wait for the calendar to flip to 2013 tomorrow.

But this eagerness to move on from 2012 and begin 2013 does give me pause. What is it about this year that left me hoping for more? What moments didn't happen that should have or what moments did happen but shouldn't have? Was 2011 such a big year that 2012 was doomed for forgetfulness?

And from the answers to those questions, what should and can be done to make sure that a year from today, when Timehop sends me this blog post in my daily email digest, that I don't feel the same frustration about 2013 and how lackluster it turned out to be?

I am not writing this post out of anger or frustration but from an ongoing battle to fight for transparency and truth in how I understand myself and the world I am creating around me.

2012 was pretty forgettable, but one thing that came out of the year that I know I do and always will look back on fondly, I got my first dog.

So from me and Rocco, here's to an incredible 2013.