Some Thoughts on Hustle

Last night I was invited to speak to the graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University studying to receive their Masters of Entertainment Industry Management. It was a fairly free flowing conversation with out very many prepared remarks and a lot of great questions by the students. This morning, over my third cup of very black coffee, I am reminded at how much has taken place in my career so far and how, despite the sometimes hard to see trend lines in each project and initiative, the hustle has not been in vain. Some of the stories that I shared last night, I had forgotten happened until the question was asked. Some of the advice I gave last night after the session to some of the folks that came up to talk to me one on one was advice that someone else had once given to me.

There are a lot of reasons that I hustle. Some that I talk about, most that I don't because they are just for me to know. But one thing that I am more and more convinced of is this: the deeper your conviction as to The Why behind what you do and how well you do it is directly proportional to the depth of your emotional, mental, and physical efforts to get to your Why.

Hustling for hustling's sake is a ridiculous exercise in masochism. Hustling with a series of benchmarks and goals in mind is the unstoppable fuel behind becoming your best.