I Still Love You New York

So many perspective and so many stories. Everyone knows where they were on 9/11/01. I asked Goodpenny's Executive Producer Rasha Clark this morning where she was and uncovered a whole new side of that morning. She'd been on a subway in from Brooklyn and came up to see smoke on the southern horizon as she made her way through Soho. Her office had a rooftop and as soon as she understood what was happening, she grabbed one of their studio's video cameras. Flipping it open just before hearing "There's another one!" she captured the second plane smashing into the towers. "When the buildings were on fire, it felt like things could still be fixed. But, when I filmed them falling to the ground, vanishing from the sky, that was when it hit me."

This is my third 9/11 in NYC and the first one that seems to have a peace to it. In 2010, when Osama bin Laden was still alive, I was livid. Last year, at the 10 year anniversary service (which I wrote about HERE), I was somber and gushing red, white, and blue. But this year, feels like a year of moving on.

I rode my bike down to the site of the new One World Trade building this morning and stood in silence and thought about where I was eleven years ago (which I wrote about HERE) Ever thankful for the freedom that I have as an American and ever proud to be a part of this wild and crazy place called New York.

(Love this song, but crazy part of the video: It was shot on 9/7/2011 - four days before the towers fell.)