Making It Less Boring?

Romney vs. Obama is the most boring, and frankly pointless, election in the history of America. If the political spectrum from crazy insane conservative to big government socialism were charted out on a scale of 1-100, Obama would be a 55 and Romney would be a 45. Neither one capable of making a big decision outside of the mind numbingly boring 46-54 notches. Whoever gets elected is not going to get anything done because that is what our government is really good at, getting nothing done. But, while I still believe that to be true, Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate at least piques my interest in seeing how the debates play out. Ryan is a darling for fiscal conservatives and, unlike Romney, actually seems to have some ideas of his own that he stands on. He is young, not boring, and bears a striking resemblance to Matthew Morrison. In the same way that Obama is going to wipe the floor with Romney in the debates, Ryan will destroy Biden.

Which leads me to my now two year in the making conspiracy theory: Obama dumps Biden in the next three weeks and announces Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate for this election. Think back to June of 2008. Clinton was by no means out of the race and was still polling pretty well against Obama for the nomination. But, without much fanfare, she drops out of the race and endorses our now President. Since then, she has been appointed Secretary of State and former President Clinton has been on his absolute best behavior. I like to think that in May of 2008, Obama's people sat down with Hillary's people and hammered out the deal that they'd trade her the SOS position plus the Veep for 2012 in exchange for her support in 2008 and Bill keeping his nose clean.

Romney/Ryan vs. Obama/Clinton. I can get (slightly more) excited about that.