Hustle Personified

When I first started serving as an advisor to young companies and start-ups, I took some advise from one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss. He told me over Thai food in his neighborhood in San Francisco that when he first started getting into the Silicon Valley investor world, he knew he was the small stack at the table and had to bring more value to the companies he worked with than just the ability to stroke a check.

With each of the companies he makes an investment in, he also hustles hard to bring more value through introductions and exposure that he is uniquely positioned to bring. By building a reputation as a hard working advisor he's been presented with more opportunities than he would have if he'd just been a check writer.

In yesterday's New York Times article, Jay-Z's hustle on behalf of the Brooklyn Nets was laid out and it is safe to say that both sides got a lot more than they bargained for when they first got things going. From recruiting players to designing the new logo, Jay-Z has gotten into all aspects of his team.  Check out the full article HERE to see hustle personified.