Huntsman 2016

I asked myself the other day if it was too early to be thinking about the 2016 election due to my continued boredom with this year's election. I decided that it wasn't since that is what all the most qualified politicians did this year instead of run against Obama or throw their hat into the three ring circus that the Republican Primary was.

But, the one person that did throw his hat into the ring, that I immediately resonated with was Jon Huntsman. In the primaries and the debates he presented himself as the closed option to my political leanings in his practical approach to the challenges our country faces. My respect for him grow even more when he bowed out after New Hampshire. He knew he'd gotten his name out there enough to be able to come back in 2016 with some swagger.

While America watches the craziness that is the Obama/Romney slugfest for the +/- 10% of the voting electorate that haven't decided who they're going to vote for, Huntsman has continued to share his thoughts and vision for America. In an appearance at the Aspen Institute, he dives into the three deficits that must be addressed in order for our nation to move forward.

1) Economic: Our national debt is a national security problem.

2) Trust: No one trust our government to act in the best interest of the country. (9% approval rating for Congress)

3) Confidence: There aren't ideas been put forward or actions being taken by either party to install confidence that our country is headed in the right direction.

These three idea must be wrapped in the truth that has been forgotten: We are Americans first and foremost before we are Democrats or Republicans or Independence.

"We've forgotten how to come together as Americans, we don't know how to do that anymore. We've forgotten waht it means to put our nation first. Sure, well disagree along the pathway towards an outcome. But, lost in this current conversation is any civility, any respect, and any shred of history of how our parties have benefitted our country in the past by having an open dialogue that puts our nation first."

Watch the holy conversation here: