Dropping Knowledge

There are a lot of folks out talking about success and "looking back" to the days when they hustled their way to the success they're now enjoying. And, while I am excited about that day in the future when I can recited the "Facts of Life" speech from Layer Cake, I am, like most folks, not there yet, And, with that perspective in mind, I am extremely excited to be able to share some thoughts from the front lines of day to day hustle on this month's Social Capitalist podcast. We'll go over everything from cold calls to cocktails, personal branding to partnerships, and, if I'm feeling frisky, maybe even how to fold a pocket square.

Want to join in on the fun? Here are the details:

Thursday - August 23rd at 12:00pm EST

Register HERE for all the fun.

If you have any questions or topics that you'd like to make sure we get to, please leave a comment below and we'll make sure it is on the list of things to cover.