Teaching at NYU

As big brands continue to seek out and partner with small start-ups, everyone gets excited about the possibilities. The fuel that a big brand can provide for proof of concept for the latest new start-up is unmatched. And the innovation that small start-ups can bring by being outside the red tape and bureaucracy of a big brand can be essential to moving at the pace of consumers. I could rant about this for days.

Which is why I am extremely excited to announce that NYU is going to let me. Starting this fall, I'll be teaching a course call "Big Brands, Small Start-Ups: Equal Partners?" and digging into the strategies and tactics that I've seen work and the ones that haven't. Drawing from the hand to hand combat that we did at Gowalla to land 67 brand partners in the last 18 months before our acquisition by Facebook, there were definitely some lessons learned. And hopefully, through out this course we'll be able to draw from some other great hustlers in my network to uncover their game plans as well. To find out more or, if you're feeling adventurous, enroll yourself, go HERE.

Now the only question is, can I find a pocket square to match my tweed jacket with elbow patches?