Believe it or not, it's halftime. The craziness that began 2012 has't stopped for 6 months and now you are on the down hill side of this calendar year. Everything that you said, "This will happen in 2012" that hasn't, only has 26 weeks left to be accomplished.  The way this year will be remembered hangs in the balance and you've been given a moment here at halftime to make sure that you don't let 2012 slip through your fingers. Let's think through your performance in the first half. You took some good shots, you push hard on some of the new ideas that you'd been tinkering with, and you even exploited those that stood in your way and made their defense look weak. But, you also took more time to get to the goal than you needed, your pace started great but was dragging by the time the end of the 2nd quarter rolled around, and you allowed others to walk all over you when it came time to block their blatant attempts at accelerating your defeat.

So right now, in this slow moment between halves when everyone else is sipping Gatorade and reliving their one highlight moment of the first half, this is the chance that you've been asking for to clean the slate from what was and take command of what's to come. It's right now that you can lock in on the strategies that worked in the first half and get rid of the ones that didn't and the ones that held you down. Right now is all that matters because right now is all you have.

This year won't be won out on the battlefield, this year will be won the place that all great victories are won: in the moments of preparation and commitment in the in between.

Hustle now or forever hold your peace.