C'Mon Man

Growing up my Dad taught me how to throw a ball. We'd play catch just about every night when he got home from work. And as a result, thankfully, I don't understand what I saw yesterday in the dog park at Washington Square. A seemingly physically fit guy was holding a two foot blue plastic wand with a claw on the end of it. This claw was being used to pick up a ball and then throw it for this guy's dog to fetch. I watched for a few throws to see if I was missing something. Was the wand inserting a treat into the ball? Providing a scent that made the ball irresistible to the dog? After a few throws I realized that the wand was just for convenience and made a note to look it up when I got home to see what kind of marketing genius convinced a grown man that he needed assistance throwing a ball for his dog to fetch. "The Chuckit! Ball Launcher: Throw farther, faster, and never bend down to pick up a slimy ball again. Durable plastic wand firmly grasps a tennis ball then releases it as you swing. With practice, you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet."


In the words of ESPN announcers everywhere: "C'Mon Man!"