Question Mark

This morning as I was sipping my black coffee, I was journaling through the wildness of the past few weeks and game planning the next. I found myself ending quite a few sentences with a question mark. As I drew the squiggle line and then skipped over to finish it with the dot on the end, I wondered if it might be the perfect punctuation for the kind of sentence it finishes. Most of the incredible turns of events that I've seen in my life began as questions before turning to statements. From the beginning of that transition to the end was never a straight line and had times that pointed up and times that pointed down. At other times, it felt like the line I was one was just going to circle back to where I started. But then, as it took a turn for the better and the conclusion drew near, there was a gap. There was always a space that couldn't be filled in that would take that one extra leap of faith.

But, when that leap was made and my feet landed firmly on the other side, it punctuated the path that lead me there. It completed the journey that began with a question and reminded me that in order to have discover better answers in the future I need to continue to ask better questions.