Best. Burger. Ever.

The hunt for the best burger in NYC is a quest that ever carnivore should attempt. It is a long a grueling adventure with extreme highs and disappointing lows. But, for those that persevere past the tourist traps and the generic burgers with an undeservedly high level of praise from local magazine editors, there is something special waiting for you. I began my search just over a year ago after completing my hunt for the best pizza in NYC. Burgers were the next logical choice and in a future post, I'll give them all the run down. But, this past weekend, I made the journey back to Williamsburg with a fellow discerning meat lover to confirm that I had in fact selected the rightful owner of the BEST BURGER IN NYC crown. And, much to my taste buds delight, I had.

The DuMont Burger at DuMont Restaurant is the BEST BURGER IN NYC. 

Everything about eating this burger is incredible and thoroughly thought through by the geniuses in the kitchen. The brioche bun sops up the juices from the burger, but never gets soggy in your hands. The pickled onions and bread and butter pickles create an amazing sweetness that is balanced our by the heartiness of the organic beefsteak tomato and crispy romaine lettuce. And of course all of these components rise up together to shine the tastebud spotlight on the perfect patty of meat. The meat is juicy and tender and has a complexity of flavors that we learned is partly responsible to the brown sugar and hoisin sauce that are mixed in. The char that is on the burger gives it the real backyard grill flavoring that is rare in a city burger. And, if you love bleu cheese on your burger, here you won't get some crumbles, you'll get an entire quarter inch slab of it sitting atop the patty accenting the incredibleness that you're about to partake in.

Both me and my friend Keith who joined me for this experience never put the burger down once we took the first bite. It is so good, you can't help yourself. As he looked up from taking the last bite, he smiled. And then, with a seriousness that was almost chilling, he said, "If I committed a heinous crime and was getting the death penalty by lethal injection, this is what I would order for my last meal."

That's how good it is.