Adventures in Breakfast Tacos

As I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with the amazingness and culinary goodness of the Breakfast Taco. Here in New York that passion is one fraught with frustration due to the severe lack of options when I'm fighting a craving. But, this morning, my self and two good friends walked the Williamsburg Bridge to see if a new entrant to the Breakfast Taco scene in NYC might rival my previous conclusion that the best Breakfast Tacos in New York were at Lobo (see the original post HERE)

Whirly Bird (254 S. 2nd Street - Williamsburg) is a pretty simple place with only two things for your consumption: espresso and Breakfast Tacos. And, as their signs claim, both are top notch.

First up was the appropriately named "The #1" which featured scrambled eggs, oaxaca cheese, homemade salsa on a crispy corn tortilla w/jalepano chips and some of the best chorizo I've had outside of Texas.

Secondly was the monstrosity known as "The Waldorf" which took "The #1" to a whole new level by adding another crispy corn tortilla and swapping the scrambled eggs for a perfectly fried egg right in the middle of the yummy goodness.  It's presentation was great, as was its taste, but the practicality of eating it was a little bit suspect due to its size, but the overflow of toppings made for a nice pool of scrumptiousness waiting in the basket to finish off with a fork.

Even though Jeff the owner isn't from the south (he's from CT), he is considering adopting the slogan of "Don't Mess with Breakfast" and is doing his part to bring smiles to the faces of folks with a passion for the growing cravings of hipsters and southern transplants alike, the oh-so-wonderful Breakfast Taco.