Mastering Twitter

They say it takes doing something 10,000 times before you can gain true mastery of it. If that logic is true, 922 days after joining Twitter, I can begin to say I am mastering Twitter. This blog post will be sent out as my 10,000th tweet.

To mark this milestone, I decided to take account for what has been shared and sent out over the past couple years and 10,000 tweets. As I looked over all the details I uncovered, here are some stats that I found interesting (to run these stats yourself, check out and

Here is what the break down of how far each and every one of my tweets went. Some were retweeted by people with a lot of followers and there for reach a ton of folks. Others were retweeted a bunch of times.

Even through I joined Twitter in May of 2009, I really didn't get into it until moving to New York in 2010. Here you can see how many times I tweeted each month over the past couple years. (Average 219/month)

Another interesting stat that I thought was really interesting was what time of day I tend to tweet. As you can see here, unless I am sleeping, there is a chance that I am sharing something about what is going on in my world. And, this may or may not reveal how little sleep I actually need.  (average tweets/day = 11.6)

Then of course the question of, what the heck am I actually tweeting that much about? Here is a word cloud of some of the top words and hashtags that I've sent out over the past 10,000 tweets.

There is a very true saying that "what you measure is what you manage." And, as I look back over this set if data and some of these other points that and revealed, it begs the question: "What, if anything, should I be doing differently in next 10,000 tweets?"