Priority Virgin

The minutes keep passing and turning to hours The emails keep racing, unrelenting electronic powers

The calls keep ringing and voices are singing

The text messages cry out, new ideas need to sprout

Inside the noise and outside the lines

My face, my pace combusts and combines

Just today, just this next very breath

Holds the keys to successes fragile life or death

Priorities I make and then ponder and debate

Urgency rushes and then runs and then waits

In this next moment, the have-tos scream louder

At the end of the day, "did this make you prouder?"

Right now is all I have and all I've got is what I need

But then I stop, hit pause, breathe...and I'm freed

It's not that important, I'm not a brain surgeon

This ain't my first rodeo, I'm not a priorities virgin

One, Two, Three... seconds as I close my eyes

Four, Five, Six, ... clarity unfurl and arise

Seven, then Eight... confidence returned, restored

Nine, then Ten... simple successes, my reward