New Perspective

This has been the kind of Saturday that makes me smile. Besides waking up at 6:30am to a beautiful sunrise, reading a new book on a park bench in the East Village with my venti coffee, doing a 32 mile bike ride, and eating Breakfast Tacos, I also got ahead on a couple of projects that have been sitting on my desk for longer than I care to admit. I just hadn't been able to push aside some of the "half-tos" long enough to get to some of these "want-tos." But it wasn't just the Breakfast Tacos that got me in the right frame of mind to get these projects tackled. I got a new perspective.

I've been in my office in the East Village for almost two years now. I am on the second floor and have a pretty great set up. But, today, I packed up my laptop and trusty Mole Skin and headed up a couple floors. I locked myself in a conference room with a whiteboard and a large Fiji water bottle and started cranking. As the evening cooled off I opened the windows and just kept pushing and had a couple of brainstorms worthy of the root idea.

And, even though I was only a couple flights up from my normal spot in the office, there was just enough new perspective to get them thinking just a little bit bigger than I probably would've if I'd been in my office. I'd never seen the view captured in this picture before.

Some times some ideas just need a little new perspective.