Some Clarity

Earlier this year I started using Instagram just to see what all the fuss was about. A few weeks later, I was seeing the world through a whole different lens. There is something so awesome about the simple social validation that comes from a couple likes and comments on your photos and allowing people to see the world through your eyes (with some cool filters.) Then, while sitting at the Formula One track in Valencia Spain, John O'Nolan rocked my world when he told me to check out Camera+ app for cleaning up pics ever further. I did and have been getting even more amazing feedback on my photos across all of the places that I have been sharing them on the interwebs.

So, to answer the some what frequent question I've been getting of "How are you making your pictures look like that?" I thought I'd share a couple quick tips for using Camera+

1) Take the pictures with your normal camera app and then upload them into Camera+. For me this allows me to easily flip through the originals and take pictures faster as things are happening.

2) Upload your favorite pic to Camera+ and hit "edit."

3) Immediately add "Clarity" to the picture. This will pull out the true colors and even out the bright and dark spots.

4) Have fun with the filters and make sure to toggle the intensity.

As an example, here is one of my favorite pictures of my neighborhood park on a summer day:

And here it is with a little bit of love from Camera+:

Hope this helps explain some of my current obsessions and gives you a clue into the fun that I am having with my iPhone4.

If that helps, post a link in the comments to your favorite pics that you take, would love to see them.