Invitation to Get Involved

I've talked about how much I like Kiva before. I've even said that I think more people should get involved. And, as of today, there is a pretty cool way to make that happen. Kiva has a limited number of $25 credits that they're giving to new partners, and I've been given the chance to give some out. If you've never helped an entrepreneur on Kiva before, it is a pretty awesome thing. You can lend as little at $25 to help small business owners around the world. Kiva then keeps you posted on their progress and the way that your funds are being used to help that person help their family and their community. Then, over the course of a couple months, your loan is repaid you get to reloan the money to someone else and make that impact again.

I have made 18 loans so far that have helped entrepreneurs in 13 different countries throughout Latin America. These loans have gone to help buy supplies, fund new equipment, and assist with the sale of the products of the businesses. To see more about the people that those loans have gone to help, check out

All that being said, if you go right now to you can have Kiva give you $25 to help make your first loan. Check it out and let me know what you think.