Sports and All That Implies

My feelings about the Yankees are pretty well documented. They ruined the playoff hopes and dreams of my Texas Rangers' every year during my formative sports fan years. But, despite my allergic reaction to all things pinstripes, there is no doubt that Derek Jeter is a class act. When I saw Darren Rovell's tweet while at lunch (eating the best burger I've ever had) I couldn't help but be excited about the epic fashion in which Jeter got that long awaited 3000th hit. As I recounted to Annie what I imagined the setting to have been like, the roar of the crowd, the elation of his team mates, being able to celebrate at home plate instead of standing on first... I got an impressive set of sports fan goosebumps. When we got home and found this clip online, it was even a better sports moment than I thought it would.

And as we watched the post game interviews, his classiness came through even more. It was apparent that he was just as humbled as he was excited and relieved.  His gratitude of the fans, the organization that he's played his entire career for, and that they had gotten the win today showed a lot about his character. He is the kind of guy that you love to cheer for, even if he does play for the Yankees.

The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done. - O. W. Holmes