Persecuted Lemonade Stand

My all out support of lemonade stands and commitment to stop and buy a cup every time I see one is fairly well documented. So, you can imagine my outrage this morning when I learned that local authorities shut down a kids lemonade stand outside the US Open and fined the parents $500. And here is where it gets even more objectionable, the kids were donating all the money to charity!

The authorities said that it was "more than just a little lemonade stand, you've got coolers of lemonade pre-made." So, because these kids were thinking ahead and didn't want to run out of supply for what would surely be in demand, they're being penalized?

I think every kid in America should be encouraged to do a lemonade stand. There is nothing better than learning to talk to attract, talk to, serve, and thank new customers. It is how I got my first taste of the entrepreneurial bug over 20 years ago thanks to my parents and it is something I will support for the rest of my life.

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