Grow a Pair

Yesterday, Representative Weiner of New York got on stage to apologize for being an idiot.  And, despite the insane number of jokes that his last name and this situation lend themselves to, the thing that got me going was the sensational coverage by the entirety of the American press. People are idiots and do stupid things. People make mistakes.  People get caught. People in the public eye, for whatever reason, think it won't happen to them. But it does. And then, for the next 3 days, every nightly talk show and front page headline dives into "how the story happen" and an in depth look at the way the events unfolded.


Surely there's much more interesting things than the latest drama of torrid affairs between ugly chicks and politicians. Surely you have something better to do with your day than care that someone got a Twitter DM and @Reply mixed up.  There is nothing interesting here unless your life is only lived vicariously through the exploits of others and this is the latest escape from the routine known as your day to day.

Between Weiner, Edwards, and Schwarzenegger, my ability to care is at an all time low. Just wait three days until this Weiner story goes flaccid (I had to get one in there!) and there will be another one with a tearful apology at a podium with a blue curtain behind it.

But in the meantime, go live a life that doesn't allow you the time to give a flying flip about this crap.

GROW A PAIR. Be the headlines that matter in your life.