Chopped Challenge

My favorite show, and the only one that I actually watch on TV religiously (other than Modern Family) is Chopped on the Food Network. I love the idea of competitive cooking and seeing what these chefs come up with in their "mystery basket" of ingredients. Reminds me of college when we would just put whatever we had into some sort of edible meal. So tonight, since I was home alone, I decided to see if I could take the Chopped Challenge myself. I went to the store and got 4 "mystery ingredients" that I frankly had no idea how they would work together:

- Tilapia

- Clementines

- Winecap Portobello Mushrooms

- Brussel Sprouts

I gave my self 30 minutes on the clock and then gave it my best shot! And, I am very happy to report, my taste buds are still thanking me. I pulled together a Brussel Sprout and Mushroom black pepper hash as the side that complimented my blackened lemon tilapia that I served with a clementine, cucumber, and cherry tomato cajun slaw as a garnish.

I pair it all with a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and smiled with each bite.

There is nothing better than an enthusiastic meal: the one that you put everything you have into it.